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Wiki M Cube


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Product Description

Create loads of different shapes and patterns with this addictive puzzle. Have fun creating endless complex designs whilst developing the creative side of your brain at the same time!

The WiKi M-Cube is a puzzle like you have never seen before! Welcome to the world of magnets. The M-Cube consists of 216 highly magnetic rare earth magnets. Each magnet has a north and south polarity, allowing you to make many different types of shape or pattern. The M Cube is guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment, help relieve stress, develop the creative side of your brain, and relieve boredom.

Sold in a metal presentation box, the Wiki M Cube is one of the most interesting games on the market thanks to its endless possible creations. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down – its seriously addictive! Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out the video below to see exactly how it works.

You can create anything from a simple string of “magnetic pearls” to a heart-shaped box or a perfect triangle.


  • 216 magnets.
  • Neodymium magnets with a durable nickel plated surface.
  • Hours of entertainment.
  • Duel hemispherical brain stimulation.
  • Ideal for stress relief.
  • Supplied in a presentation tin.

Please Note

  • Recommended for age 10+. Not suitable for small children under 36 months due to small parts.



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