USB Mix Tape
USB Mix TapeUSB Mix TapeUSB Mix TapeUSB Mix Tape

USB Mix Tape


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Remember the days before digital music and MP3 players? People had to resort to recording songs off the radio in order to create mix tapes. Well now creating your own unique mix tape is easy.

  1. Add your tunes onto the USB memory stick.
  2. Place the memory stick inside the tape style gift pack.
  3. Write your own message and play list.
  4. Give it to someone you Love!

This USB Mix Tape and Case is a modern take on the compilation tapes that you used to make. With this unique gift pack you can store up to 900 minutes of digital music – just plug it into a PC or Mac and upload your favourite MP3s.


  • 1GB USB stick mix tape.
  • Store up to 900 minutes of high quality digital music.
  • Unique tape style gift pack.
  • Customise with tracklisting and doodles.


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