Swiss Cheese Door Wedge
Swiss Cheese Door WedgeSwiss Cheese Door Wedge

Swiss Cheese Door Wedge


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Product Description

No door should be without this ‘incredible non-edible’ cheesy wedge door stop.

Now don’t start salivating. And keep this contraption well away from mice. For this dashed authentic looking hunk of Swiss cheese is not only highly realistic, but highly practical too. It’s also highly plastic. Recycled plastic, that is.

The Swiss Cheese Door Wedge is a wedge of flexible yellow plastic that looks like Swiss cheese and acts like a door wedge. Umm. And that’s it. There’s brilliant simplicity to its design, and a touch of humour, too, with all manner of cheesy holes to complete the look.

In fact, with all our experience in these matters brought to bear, it’s the finest cheese replica we’ve ever encountered. It’s fully recycled, meaning that it boasts more in the way of environmental credentials than Al Gore. And, like all the best cheese, it’s a touch bendable, meaning that it can be wedged under all manner of doors and will provide traction on all manner of surfaces. Keeping doors open in the so-doing. Which is just as well, really.

Wedge measures approximately 2mm to 30mm & so although it is a novelty item it actually works brilliantly!


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