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Shock Ball


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The hot potato of the 21st Century – pick up Shock Ball and enter a brave new world of ball games.

This Shocking Ball emits random electric shocks and can be used in an infinite number of ways – the only limit is your imagination!

There’s nothing quite like electric shock therapy to wake you from your slumber. Fortunately, the mild but spiky dose of electric charge delivered by the Electric Shock Ball won’t alter one’s personality – but it will, however, deliver a splendidly nasty nip to the unlucky recipient. All of which ought to give you an idea or two about how to use it to best effect.

Here’s how it works. When activated the Shock Ball will omit random jolts of electricity from its many outward-facing metallic surfaces. It’s designed to be thrown and caught, meaning that whoever’s holding the ball when the charge goes off will inevitably jump out of their skin.

In fact, the pain and anguish isn’t in receiving the electric shock – it’s in the anticipation, fear and tension that the is created while waiting for the shock to go off!

Electrifying, hair-raising stuff.

Please Note

  • Colours may vary.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Age 14+.
  • This product emits a shock – do not use if pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or use a pacemaker.
  • Requires 2* AAA Batteries – not included.



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