RTX Wireless Phone Jack
RTX Wireless Phone JackRTX Wireless Phone Jack

RTX Wireless Phone Jack


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Product Description

We’re not sure about you, but we’re fed up with unnecessary cables leading from room-to-room in our homes, so when we saw these babies we fell straight in love with them and think you will too!

The Wireless Phone Jacks solve the problem of wanting a phone in another room but not having an easily accessible phone socket. Simply plug one PhoneJack into the power supply by your existing phone socket, then plug the second unit into a power socket anywhere in a 50 metre range, connect up your phone and voila! you’ve now moved your phone without those ghastly wires!

What’s even better is that the Phone Jacks are also compatible with Sky TV Set Top Boxes, so now you can reposition your system however you like and enjoy Sky Sports where ever you want!

In short the RTX Wireless Phone Jack lets you extend your existing telephone or satellite system where every you have a power outlet, by converting your existing electrical outlet into a phone socket. They’re the perfect wireless solution for phones, modems, fax machines, satellite receivers or any other device requiring a phone connection without the need for tools or wiring. Plus, it’s fully expandable, allowing you to add up to 4 additional extension units.

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  • 50 metres of wireless phone line.
  • Eliminate long telephone wires.
  • Secure private voice and data communication by encryption.
  • No tools required for installation.
  • Easy Install Easy relocated – moves from room to room.
  • Phone Jack repositions your phone socket to a new location within a 50 metre range.
  • Environment friendly, low power consumption.
  • Add up to 4 wireless phone extension units.
  • Reliable DECT wireless technology.
  • Compatible with telephone, fax, Sky, Sky+ and Sky HD boxes.

Please Note

  • Will not work with/re-direct a broadband connection or ADSL.



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