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Official Borat Mankini


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In our opinion we think this thing is hideous. We’ve never been able to look at it in the same way ever since we saw a portly 60 year old Frenchman strolling down the port in Cannes sporting this one piece…and an ill-fitting toupee – that said, you lot seem to love it, so it cant be all bad.

Constructed from the finest day-glo, the Mankini is this season’s must have for the beaches and parks over the summer. It is a bikini for men, as fashioned by Borat Sagdiyev the fictional Kazakhstani journalist. This beachwear is almost guaranteed to get you as much “sexy-time” as you can handle.

The impact can be enhanced further if you wear it under a cheap grey polyester suit, and then whip it off at the right moment.

All jokes aside (if that’s possible), the Mankini is guaranteed to get big laughs, especially if you put in the time on your Borat impression and catchphrases, and let’s be totally honest here, we all know you’re going to.


  • One size fits all.
  • Made of 10% Elastane, 90% Polyester.

Please Note

  • Due to hygiene reasons this product is non refundable.
  • Do not roll up or store wet.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Costume may become transparent when wet.


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