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Notable Moustaches



Product Description

This is temporary facial hair at its finest!

Choose from either the Notable Moustaches Classic Set (comprising of a Handlebar, Banker, Pencil, Warlus, Biker and Stud moustache) or the Notable Moustaches Character Set (comprising of a Mario, Daly, Magnum, Hogan, Chaplin and Einstein moustache).

Great fun, each set includes 6 moustaches which are great for fancy dress parties or just for a change! Which one will you choose? The handlebar, the Pencil, the Charlie Chaplin? Decisions decision!

The moustaches are made from synthetic hair & backed with adhesive tape for easy application.

Simply peel off the backing paper and stick it on your upper lip to achieve a truly great moustache!

Also right or wrong, these look AMAZING on kids! Go on, try it!


  • Each pack contains 6 moustaches.
  • Classic includes: Handlebar, Banker, Pencil, Warlus, Biker and Stud.
  • Character: Mario, Daly, Magnum, Hogan, Chaplin and Einstein.


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