Mini Sound Effects Toy
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Mini Sound Effects Toy



Product Description

The convenience of a hand-held sound-effects library is hard to beat, but sometimes even smaller is better! Providing the same audio hilarity at the touch of a button (just like the original Sound Machines) but in a new mini-format with 9 quality sound-bites each.

The Mini Pirate Sound Effects has all the sounds of the seven seas including swabbing the deck, drinking grog, stealing treasure and more. Next up is the Bodily Functions Sound Effects offer a true ‘Gross-Out’ selection of vulgar sounds that includes spectacularly noisy eating, belching, vomiting etc. You’ll wince, you’ll cringe, you’ll laugh, you may throw up. Thirdly the Fart Fanfare Sound Effects are a carefully curated collection of legendary trouser trumpets with extraordinary variations in tone, pitch, length and style of delivery. And finally the Musical Moments offers cliched musical accompaniments to every situation, including fanfares, tragic violins, drum-rolls, cliff-hangers and ‘Ta-Da’s!


  • 4 different models to choose from.
  • Each model contains 9 sound effects.
  • Measures approx 14.8cm x 10cm x 1.8cm.
  • Pirate has 9 effects including: swabbing the deck, drinking grog, stealing treasure, etc.
  • Fart Fanfare has 9 effects of various tones, pitches, lengths & delivery of farts.
  • Musical Moments has 9 effects including: fanfares, tragic violins, drum-rolls, cliff-hangers etc.
  • Bodily Functions has 9 effects including: noisy eating, belching, vomiting etc.

Please Note Batteries are non-replaceable.



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