iZon Remote Room Monitor
iZon Remote Room MonitoriZon Remote Room MonitoriZon Remote Room MonitoriZon Remote Room Monitor

iZon Remote Room Monitor


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Product Description

Enjoy peace of mind on the go with the iZon Remote Room Monitor. This innovative and elegant video camera enables you to view and listen to activity in your home or office from anywhere in the world via your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

iZon can watch, listen and even alert you when there is motion or noise thanks to it’s motion and audio detection. iZon can be placed on any horizontal surface or even wall mounted to walls or ceilings! It’s like having your very own CCTV network, or a low-cost security guard, without the sloppy hygiene, sleeping on the job and other completely unfounded stereotypes.

Simply download the free Stem Connect App, login to your secure user account and you’ll be streaming and recording live audio and video in no time. You can even set up multiple cameras on the same account giving you multiple lines of sight or even in different locations!

And the best part? You don’t need any computers or cables as everything can be managed wirelessly via the Stem App and downloaded direct to your preferred device!


  • Remote Observation & Motion Sensor.
  • App-Controlled wireless camera.
  • Remote Audio & Noise Detection.
  • Secure, private video streaming*.
  • View and listen from anywhere.
  • Record video for private viewing or posting on video sites.
  • Firmware update improvements.
  • Ingenious, adjustable magnetic base.
  • Contains a video camera, microphone, detachable magnetic half-globe base and wall-tapping screws for mounting and angle adjustment.
  • 802.11b/g/n wireless capabilities.
  • Battery Requirements: Requires mains power via the mini USB cable and plug provided.
  • Dimensions approximately 5cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 10cm(H).
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Please Note: Auto-uploading to YouTube feature has been disabled on this product for now.



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