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Hoodies have had a rough time over the years – what with David Cameron telling us to ‘hug a hoodie’ and shopping centres banning kids wearing them, they’re in serious need of a PR boost. Fortunately the iPod Hoodie’s here to do just that!

Designed to fit all iPod, iPhones and various other MP3 players, phones, cameras and gadgets, these cute little iPod Hoodies not only protect your gadget from bumps and scratches but they look pretty cool as well! So whether you’re worried that your iPhone is getting chilly, or you’re just looking for a cute iPod accessory, the iPod Hoodie is a great idea!


  • Protective cover for your iPod or iPhone in the shape of a little grey hoodie top!
  • Fits other types of mobile phones and MP3 players too.
  • Measures approx 16 cm x 7 cm x 0.5 cm.
  • Headphones not included.


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