Hopside Down Glass
Hopside Down GlassHopside Down GlassHopside Down GlassHopside Down Glass

Hopside Down Glass


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Product Description

The Hopside Down glass is the kind of receptacle we’ve been waiting for because inside the stately shape of the classic beer glass lies the top half of a regular beer bottle.

If you’re tired of the uncivilised method of swigging your beer straight from the bottle, then the Hopside Down Glass from Fred provides a simple alternative to help wean you off your bottle habits! This unique beer glass features an inverted beer bottle shape inside the standard tulip shape outer glass! With a 290ml capacity, the Hopside Down Glass makes it the perfect companion to your lad’s pad, or a Sunday afternoon watching the footie!

Hand-blown for a high quality finish and standing proud at 7” tall, the design is cunningly double-walled so that the airspace between bottle and glass to insulate your brew from sweaty mitts, meaning it stays cold one every time.


  • Great gift for any beer drinker.
  • Holds approximately 290ml of beer.
  • Double wall insulated design.
  • Stops your drink for getting warm whilst in your hand because this double-wall design.
  • Made from hand-blown durable borosilicate glass.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Glass measures approximately: 18cm (H) x 8.5cm in Diameter.


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