Giant Space Hopper
Giant Space HopperGiant Space Hopper

Giant Space Hopper


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Product Description

Thanks to the Giant Space Hopper you can now bound around the garden on just like you did all those years ago.

We know you’re just a big kid at heart – 100% bigger for twice the bounce! The original seventies space hopper has had a bit of a makeover. The original face, horn hand grips and loud orange colour are all present, but here’s the good part – the size has been increased from 40cm to 80cm in diameter – so now you can really get some serious air!

Purpose designed for adults and teens alike, the Giant Space Hopper has undergone ‘dynamic loading’ tests to withstand the weight of a fully grown ‘business executive’ (18 stone).

The Giant Retro Hopper includes a foot pump for fast inflation.


  • Takes up to 18 stone in weight.
  • Retro styled giant hopper.
  • Approximately: 80 cm in diameter.
  • Includes foot pump.


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