Ghost Hunt Game
Ghost Hunt GameGhost Hunt Game

Ghost Hunt Game

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Turn down the light and prepare yourself for a scary adventure with this Ghost Hunt Game. Billy Bones sees dead people…or more accurately, his skull randomly project ghosts around the room!

Billy Bones’ head will randomly spins, projecting ghosts onto your walls, ceiling and anywhere else his ghostly gaze reaches. Your job is to try and blast them with the included laser gun. Each time you successfully zap one of the ghoulish figures Billy will let out a horrifying scream! The game has three levels allowing you to control the speed and randomness of the projections and the included gun tracks your score on a small LCD display.


  • Ghost Hunt is suitable for ages 5+.
  • Projects Ghost from base station.
  • Infrared ‘laser gun’ with LCD Ghost Counter.
  • Difficulty settings: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Each game lasts 90 seconds.

Other Details

  • Battery Requirements: 4x AA (projector) and 3x AAA (gun).
  • Gun measures approx: 20cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 17cm(H).
  • Projector measures approx: 15cm(W) x 12cm(D) x 19cm(H).
  • Weighs approximately 760g.
  • Batteries not included.



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