Fake Foam Brick
Fake Foam Brick

Fake Foam Brick


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Product Description

This is a wonderful way to fool your mates. Although the Fake Foam Brick looks real enough, as it’s made of foam it’s perfectly harmless – just don’t get over excited and throw a real brick by mistake.

The humble house brick can be quite intimidating. Just threatening to lob it at someone will have them cowering in front of you. With its foam construction, even repeated head-battering will produce no lasting injuries. Throwing your Fake Brick at irritating neighbours windows is now a risk-free proposition, since it’ll ricochet off their window, making them look a tad silly for diving for cover behind the sofa.


  • Replica brick – make of foam!
  • Colour may vary from image shown.
  • Authentic chunk missing from top corner – this is the design of the product.
  • Package Weight: 200g.
  • Fake Brick Dimensions: (H) 21cm x (W) 10cm x (D) 6cm.
  • Same size as real brick.
  • Please note: Only 1 x brick per pack.


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