Colour Changing Umbrella
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Colour Changing Umbrella


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This clever Colour Changing Umbrella, compact umbrella has a white raindrop pattern around the canopy which will suddenly bloom into a full spectrum of colours as soon as they get wet. Magic!

Rainy days are sadly rather frequent in good ol’ Britain, so there’s no excuse for having a boring umbrella. The Colour Changing Umbrella is extra special, because as the name suggests, it changes colour once it gets wet! The special colour changing ink means that when dry, the printed parts of the umbrella stay white, but when they get wet they magically come to life like miniature rainbows floating gently above your head.

What better way to brighten your mood on a gloomy grey day than to glance skyward and see your very own kaleidoscope of colour emerging from the drizzle?


  • Raindrop pattern turns from white to colour when wet.
  • Hydro-Chromatic white ink becomes clear when wet, exposing coloured ink beneath.
  • Telescopic umbrella.
  • Dimensions: When compact – measures approximately 5cm(D) x 24cm(L).


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