Capitalist Pig Piggy Bank
Capitalist Pig Piggy BankCapitalist Pig Piggy BankCapitalist Pig Piggy Bank

Capitalist Piggy Bank


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Make saving the pennies fun with the Capitalist Pig Piggy Bank which has a blackboard finish and comes with chalk so whatever you happen to be saving for you can scrawl on the side as a constant reminder.

Credit crunch? Pah – don’t worry about it thanks to this black piggy bank. Simply scribble down your saving priority using the included chalk and you can keep motivated while saving the pennies. And don’t worry – you don’t have to smash this little chap in order to access your funds, to release your cash simply open the chunky rubber stopper at the bottom and start again. Release your funds without, literally, breaking the bank.

This black piggy bank comes with 4 sticks of chalk so you can scribble away as your priorities change. Save for some new shoes, a holiday, or go the ‘whole hog’ and start putting dosh to one side for the deposit on a flat. Why not? Piggy banks look like a much safer bet than high street banks these days!


  • Piggy Bank that doubles as a chalkboard!
  • Write your notes on the side of the money bank with the chalk stick provided.
  • Empty your money box easily thanks to the rubber stopper.
  • 4 pieces of chalk included.
  • Measures approx 12.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 10 cm.


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