Calf And A Half Milk Jug
Calf And A Half Milk JugCalf And A Half Milk JugCalf And A Half Milk Jug

Calf & A Half Milk Jug


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Product Description

Generally speaking cows are more comfy in the barn than at the table, but the Calf And A Half Jug is a perfect house guest. She’s always in a good mooooooooood, and you will be too when you pour from this playful little pitcher.

At first glance this amusingly quirky vessel looks like a regular glass jug. But take a closer look and you’ll notice it features an internal chamber shaped like a cow’s udder. Hand-crafted from double-walled glass and presented in a smart gift box, the Calf And Half Milk Jug holds up to 150ml of milk/cream, so it’s ideal for after dinner coffee, dessert or afternoon tea. And assuming you’re not a fan of mega-soggy cereal, you can even use it to splash your cornflakes.


  • Calf And A Half Jug is made from glass.
  • Perfect for all tea and cake parties!
  • Volume: Holds 150ml of milk/cream.
  • Measures approx: 12cm (D) x 8cm (W) x 10cm (H).
  • Weighs approx: 270 grams.


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