Bigtrak XTR
Bigtrak XTRBigtrak XTRBigtrak XTRBigtrak XTRBigtrak XTR



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Bigtrak is Back! Relive your childhood with this 21st Century officially licensed replica!

For those of you that are either to young to know or to old to remember, Bigtrak was a programmable 6 wheeled tank with a front mounted blue photon beam headlamp and a 23 button keypad on the top. The toy can remember up to 16 commands. Simply enter them via the keypad and then watch it execute the instructed sequence (such as “go forward 5 lengths”, “pause”, “turn 30 degrees right”, “fire phaser” etc).

The revived model (Bigtrak XTR) is an authentic reproduction that boasts all the features of the original, including the ubiquitous ’80s go-faster stripes, blue headlamp, phaser sounds and repeat function allowing simple loops! And the best bit?…we’ve actually lowered the price from when it was originally launched in the 80’s, so you can now pick up Bigtrak for under £35!


  • Includes all features & functions of Original 80’s Bigtrak!
  • Programme up to 16 steps.
  • 23 button keypad.
  • Low profile balloon tyres.
  • Independent front suspension (for climbing).
  • Dimensions approx: 35cm Long, 20cm Wide and 15cm High.
  • Weight approx: 1.3 kg.
  • Requires: 3 x D Cell batteries (not included).
  • For ages 8+.



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