Beep Egg Timer
Beep Egg TimerBeep Egg Timer

Beep Egg Timer


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Product Description

Here’s another cool, innovative and fun item that’s actually really useful. Do you like your eggs cooked ‘egg-sactly’ (get it!?) right but have trouble timing them to perfection? The Beep Egg Timer is the solution – boil the perfect egg with this singing egg timer!!

Beep Egg can sense when the conditions in the pan are just right for an egg to be soft-boiled, medium-cooked or hard-boiled. A temperature sensor detects when the water is boiling and then from that point, an in-built timer will start to count down until the perfect conditions are reached for the ideal egg.

Simply put the Beep Egg into the water with your real eggs and cook it in there with them. When the eggs are ready, the Beep Egg will play you a tune! It’s ‘Killing Me Softly’ for soft cooked eggs, ‘I Wish I Was a Hen’ for medium-cooked eggs and ‘Carmina Burana’ for hard-cooked eggs.

When they’re done, you lift the Beep Egg out of the water with your now-perfectly boiled eggs, rinse it off and it’s ready to be used next time! The Beep Egg is an ideal gift for anyone who hates cooking but has to boil an egg occasionally, or anyone that loves cooking but has so much on the go at once, they need a little help to keep track of it all!


  • Temperature controlled egg timer.
  • Plays melodies when eggs reach desired hardness.
  • To stop the melody put BeepEgg in cold water.
  • Perfect for Medium & Large Eggs, for XL eggs add 30 seconds.
  • Store BeepEgg with your real eggs.

Please Note

  • Battery life limited to 18 months.
  • Never use BeepEgg in the microwave.
  • Do not try and open BeepEgg.



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