Awesome Foursome Golf Balls
Awesome Foursome Golf Balls

Awesome Foursome


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This novelty pack of Trick Golf Balls is a must have for anyone with a keen interest in golf. These little guys are fabulous for playing tricks on your mates while on the course! There are four different novelty golf ball jokes all in one handy gift pack – the perfect present for any geezer with a penchant for the driving range…

The Awesome Foursome Golf Ball set will let you redeem yourself against your opponents, or at least give them a couple of handicaps, should we say. Distracting your victim in any way possible, choose the most appropriate trick ball and switch this with theirs. Then stand back and get ready to be crawling around the green with laughter!

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  • 1 x ‘Exploder’ – Blows up in a spectacular cloud of billowing smoke-like powder on impact.
  • 1 x ‘Unputtable’ – Jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates. For use on the green.
  • 1 x ‘Jetstreamer’ – Drive it and the ball changes into a 15 ft stream of ribbon.
  • 1 x ‘Phantom’ – Vanishes on impact into a watery mist.


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